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Tooth Extraction
Dentist Peoria, AZ

Woman in need of a tooth extraction holding her jaw in pain at Desertview Dental Care in Peoria, AZ.Do you or a loved one have damaged teeth or teeth that fluoride, root canals, and dental fillings cannot correct? Then you might be a good candidate for a tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction is a procedure that removes a badly damaged tooth to retain dental health. A badly damaged tooth that cannot be treated presents serious dental health problems such as the spread of infection and toothache. Removing the tooth, therefore, stops these issues and offers relief to you.

At Desertview Dental Care we offer safe and effective tooth extraction services that will help you achieve maximum dental wellness. We also educate you on the process and the different types of extractions at our office. We believe this helps our patients make an informed decision regarding their dental health.

Why Are Dental Extractions Necessary?

Dental extractions as mentioned are necessary to remove a badly damaged tooth that cannot be saved. If a damaged tooth cannot be treated or saved, leaving it in place will worsen the dental condition of the patient. Therefore, removing it improves or promotes better oral health.

Extractions are also important if you have overcrowded teeth in your mouth. Having overcrowded teeth is a big problem because some teeth can shift resulting in crooked or misaligned teeth. Removing some of the teeth becomes important to offer enough room for other teeth.

Having impacted wisdom teeth also necessitates tooth removal. Wisdom teeth are the furthest molars in the back of your mouth, and they erupt the last. In most cases, they do not have enough room to develop, resulting in pain and discomfort. In other cases, these molars fail to emerge from the gums. When this happens, the only option that remains is to remove the wisdom teeth.

Simple Tooth Extraction

A simple tooth extraction is an extraction procedure that is straightforward where the dentist administers local anesthesia and then pulls out the tooth. By use of an elevator, the dentist loosens the visible tooth and will pull it out using forceps. There is no incision on the gums so the dentist will not have to stitch up the extracted area. The recovery process is easy and faster, and you can just take a day off your daily routine. The dentist will offer over-the-counter medication for pain relief.

Simple tooth extraction is used when the tooth cannot be treated by the use of a filling or root canal therapy.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

When the tooth is not visible in the mouth and only roots are remaining, this means that you will have a surgical tooth extraction. The dentist makes an incision on connective tissues in the gums. This will give the dentist a chance to remove the tooth. Sometimes for teeth like molars it will be removed in portions to make the procedure simpler. You will need an x-ray before the procedure is done.

Our team at Desertview Dental Care will ensure that you safely have the type of extraction procedure needed. Book an appointment by calling us at 623-278-9402.

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At Desertview Dental Care, we offer safe and effective tooth extraction services that will help you achieve maximum dental wellness. Call today to schedule an appointment!
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