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Sweaty boy with mouthguard in his mouthWhen playing sports, unavoidable accidents that can cause trauma may occur. When playing any kind of contact sport, you need to keep the facial structure safe and free from trauma to maintain a healthy look and smile.

At times when you play, your face can become injured, causing not only pain but the loss of your confident look and smile. Our dentists at Desertview Dental Care will guide you on what to wear while participating in sports. We will tell you that having mouthguards while playing will save your teeth and your smile.

Save Your Teeth From Displacement

You might be a lover of baseball and wondering what to do. Mouthguards when playing will save you if you get hit by a baseball. A baseball hit can displace your teeth and that is why you need to stay safe. When you wear a mouthguard with any kind of trauma, the force will be distributed over the face and this can help you save your teeth.

Soft Tissue Protection

You can displace the teeth while playing sports and the teeth can also be loosened. The teeth can bring about the damaging of the soft tissues that are near the teeth or in the mouth. If you play basketball and the ball hits you in the face you may bite your lip and this can be severe, causing you to need stitches. When you wear a mouthguard you can prevent such problems.

Protection Against Jaw Fracture

While on the field or court, you are always at increased risk of a facial blow that can lead to serious injury. A blow to your head can lead to the clattering of your teeth, and since there is not enough room in your mouth it can lead to the fracturing of your jaw. This can present a serious oral condition, as you might be required to undergo a surgical operation to correct the issue.

Therefore, when you wear a mouthguard, you provide a padding surface that lessens the blow to your teeth and thus prevents jaw fracture. A mouthguard can be seen as a simple device but can prevent severe damage.

Prevents Against Teeth Fractures

The mouth also plays an important role in preventing your teeth from breaking. It is common to be hit on the head be it by an opponent or the ball. Therefore, the best thing to do is to take early preventive measures to ensure that your oral health is not harmed when it happens. A mouthguard is an effective solution as it can protect your teeth from breaking and fracturing. You will therefore be able to represent your team with minimal worries of severe dental damage.

When you come to Desertview Dental Care you will get dentists who will focus on protecting your dental health while on the field. You can contact us at 623-278-9402. You can book an appointment to get your custom-made mouthguards for maximum oral protection while on the field.

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