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Long Term BreastFeeding can lead to cavities


Children who are breast-fed for two years or longer are more likely to have dental cavities, according to a study published in the July issue of Pediatrics.   The study also found that breast-feeding between 12 and 23 months did not bring with it a higher risk of cavities.


Bacteria in the mouth may increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk


In a study published in the CA dental association Journal, researchers found that a certain bacteria (P. Gingivalis) in gum disease may increase the chances of Pancreatic cancer. This is yet another reason to keep the oral environment healthy and clean. The oral microbiome is very sensitive to gum disease and smoking (among other factors). The idea is for the oral bacterial flora to be of the healthy type. Therefore, don’t forget to floss and brush tonight!  I wish you a health.

Dr. Ramin Sani

The causes of Dental Decay. You will be surprised!



Question:  Which of the following causes dental decay? (Hint: More than one)

  1. Candy
  2. Piece of meat that is left between your teeth for 3 weeks!
  3. Orange juice
  4. Bread

The fact of the matter is that all Carbohydrates including sugars, breads and even fruits cause decay if consumed too frequently.  Carbohydrates signal the many living bacteria around your teeth to wake up, consume the carbs and in turn produce acids which causes decay.  On the other hand proteins do not have such properties.  A piece of meat left between your teeth is not going to smell so good in 3 weeks but it is not a major decay causing item!


So, the answer is a,c,d!

Look for our next blog posting in January!  Thank you.

Ramin Sani, DDS